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Peaceful moments in Cam Thanh eco-village

After wandering in the streets and discovering all beautiful sites of Hoi An ancient quarter (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province), tourists may continue their journey to Cam Thanh eco-village.

Cam Thanh - a typical village in rural Vietnam - is located about 5 km East of Hoi An center. You can come to Cam Thanh by land and water.
 In the late afternoon of year end days, Cam Thanh looks like a peaceful and  tranquil oasis hidden in the thick and interminable green water coconut forest.

Along the road leading to Cam Thanh eco-village are two straight areca trees rows under which the houses with coconut leaves roofs are standing beside the multi-stages buildings. It’s hard to image that this place was a fierce land in the war. In those days, Cam Thanh village was named the “iron land” by Quang Nam provincial people…
Nothing is more interesting than rowing along the river to enjoy the fresh air of Cam Thanh in the early morning, looking at the shoals of fish under the boat and the nests of bird and stork on the coconut forest. Some tourists want to walk along the narrow road to enjoy the fresh air or visit  the traditional coconut painting village.

When visiting Cam Thanh eco-village, many visitors want to learn the ways of farming, planting fresh vegetable, rowing basket boats and fishing.
Spending just one day in Cam Thanh village, visitors may learn more about a Vietnamese traditional rural village, about the people who were once the legends of the war.

An ecotourism site of Hoi An ancient town surroundings

A peaceful village.

Buffalo carts in Cam Thanh

  Making traditional coconut leaf roofs in Cam Thanh

Restaurants and garden houses with roofs made of coconut leaves – ideal and interesting accommodations for tourists


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