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Understanding antique ships and their life is how to know about the history of their era. With the deep love to legend ships, and the passion to models building that is also her family’s handicraft tradition, Ms. Ha Tran, the shop owner, has researched about their structure, characteristics as well as their history to imitate the model ships.

Among a range of souvenirs shops selling diverse products of lanterns, sandals, pottery,… in the ancient town, Hoi An Craftships is seen as a highlight through the uniqueness of products made by skillful hands of craftsmen.


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Sovereign of the Seas 50 new (Red)

Sovereign of the Seas 50 new (Red)
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Product nameSovereign of the Seas 50 new (Red)
CategorySmall size Battleships
Specification61L x 17W x 57H (cm)
24L x 7W x22H (inch)
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The 17th century

HMS Sovereign of the Seas was a 17th-century warship of the English Navy. 

She was built by Peter Pett (later a Commissioner of the Navy), under the guidance of his father Phineas, the king's master shipwright, and was launched at Woolwich Dockyard on 13 October 1637.

She was the most extravagantly decorated warship in the Royal Navy, completely adorned from stern to bow with gilded carvings against a black background, made by John Christmas and Mathias Christmas after a design by Anthony van Dyck. 

The Sovereign of the Seas was not so much built because of tactical considerations, but as a deliberate attempt to bolster the reputation of the English crown. 


A painting from this ship survives on the ceiling of Commissioners House Chatham, over the grand staircase. It depicts an assembly of the gods and depicts Mars being crowned by Neptune, surrounded by the goddesses - Hope, Peace, Justice and Plenty. The painting is surrounded by a gilded frieze depicting sea creatures. It is attributed to Thomas Highmore




Highlights about this Sovereign of the Seas  model ship:


·  Our model ship is entirely handmade by skilled and experienced craftsmen, using the plank on frame construction method

·  Ready for Immediate Display - Not a Model Ship kit

·  Anchors, guns, decorations, and other intricate details sculpted of metal

·  Meticulously sewn sails, keep shape and do not wrinkle

·  Use high-quality wood such as rosewood, ebony, black wood, mahogany wood.... all will go through processing step pre-construction.

·  Sovereign of the Seas model ships are build according to scale through original plans, drawings and paintings as well as actual photographs ensures the highest possible accuracy. 


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