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Understanding antique ships and their life is how to know about the history of their era. With the deep love to legend ships, and the passion to models building that is also her family’s handicraft tradition, Ms. Ha Tran, the shop owner, has researched about their structure, characteristics as well as their history to imitate the model ships.

Among a range of souvenirs shops selling diverse products of lanterns, sandals, pottery,… in the ancient town, Hoi An Craftships is seen as a highlight through the uniqueness of products made by skillful hands of craftsmen.


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Ferrari Hydroplane

Ferrari Hydroplane
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Product nameFerrari Hydroplane
CategoryNew Model Ships
Specification90L x 37W x 23H (cm)
35L x 15W x 9H (inch)
53L x 23W x 18H (cm)
21L x 9W x 7H (inch)
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For 1953, Castoldi decided to focus on setting top speed records. He commissioned an 800kg-class three-point hydroplane hull to be built by Cantieri Timossi, a hydroplane builder on Lake Como, near Milan.  What Ferrari supplied was a Type 375 V-12 Grand Prix engine that displaced 4493.7cc and produced approximately 385bhp. This engine spun the twin bladed propeller at up to 10,000rpm!
The hull was dubbed Arno XI. For the engine, he turned to the new up and comers of the auto racing scene – Scuderia Ferrari. 
On the morning of October 15, 1953, Achille Castoldi succeeded in smashing the 800kg Class speed record with an average "flying kilometre" two-way speed of 150.49 mph. He followed up the performance later that day by setting another record in the "24 Nautical Miles" event. 
When Castoldi retired from hydroplane racing in 1954 he sold "Arno XI" to a wealthy engineer named Nando Dell’’Orto. Dell’’Orto revised the body lines of the engine cover and front fairing, added a large fin behind the driver for stability, and went on to race the boat for a few more years. The most notable success was a 2nd place finish in the 1965 900kg World Championship.

Highlights about Ferrari racing boat model:
  • Extremely elegant with its solid wood frame covered with mahogany, entirely hand crafted.
  • Intricate details on this speedboat model are casted of highly polished metal
  • Seats are crafted of genuine leather 
  • All will go through processing step and pre-construction inspection to ensure that it is not bent or cracked under any climatic conditions. 
  • The model is presented on a wooden stand complete
  • The Original Ferrari boat is perfectly reproduced down to the smallest detail with this boat model
  • A precious collector's item for all Ferrari's boat history enthusiasts.


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